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Over 30 years of experience providing reverse logistics with a manufacturing mindset

About US

Funai Service Corporation (FSC), based in Columbus OH, is the U.S. subsidiary of Funai Electric Co., LTD., headquartered in Osaka, JAPAN. Funai is a leading manufacturer in the global consumer electronics market. Funai's products have been sold in more than 20 countries for over 50 years. FSC is an exclusive service provider for the North America region. To date, FSC has served over 74 million customers with our world-class quality service.

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2425 Spiegel Drive Groveport Ohio 43125

90,000ft2 (180K-ft2 total for all 3 location)



100% Funai Electic Co., LTD.

Bigston, Arvato

Reverse Logistics

Process returns, inspect unit and repair damage. Maximize salvaged value out of return


We have a complete, experienced and qualified sales team to assist in selling your refurbished product to the market.

In depth Analysis

Engineering analysis on defects, return reason, and to minimize return loss for the customer

Customer Service

Comprehensive customer support: call center, warranty service, parts supply, Social Media

Reverse Logistics

Process returns, inspect unit and repair damage. Maximize salvaged value out of return.

  • Processing Capacity (monthly): 150,000 +
  • Yield : 95% (excluding damage on return)
  • Turn Around Time : 1-5 days
  • Inventory Accuracy : 100%

Our locations are strategically positioned to fully service the U.S. market

FSC has 3 locations in Mid-west, West, and South to fully cover the U.S. market, including Mexico

  • Main Facility (Mid-west): Columbus OH
  •        90,000 ft2 (expandable)
  • West Coast Facility: Torrance CA
  • South and Mexico Facility: McAllen TX, Reynnosa MX

We process and analyze based on a manufacturing mindset

Not only do we process returns, we also provide valuable reporting to our customer.

  • Share same values with customer: Zero return is always best
  • Engineering analysis and report on defects & damages
  • Offer suggestions to customer to minimize return
  • Tweak process on a daily basis to gain efficiencies

Customer Care

Comprehensive customer support: call center, warranty service, parts supply Social Media

  • Call center operation: 90,000 + call / month
  • Warranty Service: Inhome repair service
    •     Exchange service, Claim management
  • Parts Supply: 5,000 + shipping / month


Years of experience


Received Unit Last Year


Yield of repair(%)


Annual revenue

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We are proud to provide services to our clients to support their business.


Audio System

Receiver / Home theater / Soundbar

Media Player

DVD / Blu-ray Player



Robot Vacuums

Hydroponic Grower

Apparel Goods

Clothes / Shoes

Our strengh / Fully customized process supported In-house IT system

All operation support IT system has been developed in-house. Any new project can be "jump started" in a short period with minimal initial cost

  • Fully understand requirements of customer.
  • Develop IT support system to fulfill all needs
  • Run pilot program and adjust process & IT system
  • Start actual operation

"Minimize return, run operation with minimal cost, and pursue operation excellency."

FSC Mission Statement

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For every question, or for further information, here is how you can get in touch with us. Send us an email or come visit us!

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2425 Spiegel Dr. Groveport OH 43125

Phone: 614-654-6005